Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bamboo Floors - A Healthy Choice

Bamboo floors are gaining popularity with each year, becoming a high quality alternative to the traditional hardwood floors. It has become a wide choice in the Southeast and west cost due to its appearance and durability.
What is bamboo?
Bamboo is a type of grass (very strong grass) that grows mainly in tropical countries found mainly in Asia and China. Bamboo stalks mature very quickly in approximately five years reaching heights of about 50 feet unlike wood which may take from 50 to100 years to mature.
Bamboo renews itself naturally and is environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows quickly from a type of grass into a material which is hard and durable. Even after harvesting bamboo grows at an impressive rate which makes it a great choice for flooring material and of course cost effective due to its quick overturn.
Bamboo variety and the techniques used to color it:
Bamboo comes in different colors like lightwood, honey, dark wood and amber. All colors have great success on the market being able to adapt to almost any interior and design. The techniques used to bring out different colors in bamboo flooring are carbonization and pressure steaming.
Flooring patterns used for bamboo floors
Bamboo flooring panels can be done in many different flooring types. Patterns mostly used are vertical or flat grain which are normally nailed down or floated.
There are many advantages of having a bamboo floor. Besides the great exotic look it also offers durability, stability, environmental friendly as well as it is very cost effective.
Bamboo flooring maintenance
Bamboo flooring promise low maintenance which makes it even a greater deal. You will never need to stain or re-stain your bamboo floors ever as the coloring of the floor is determined by the amount of time it was processed.
It is suggested to consider the replacement of your bamboo flooring periodically and not installing it in places like the bathroom just like the hardwood it will warp the surface.
A fashionable and modern trend bamboo flooring is a must consider substitute for your hardwood flooring. With all the advantages that is has to offer the disadvantages simply are not even worth mentioning.
Cost effective easy to maintain and in style combined with durability, stability and environmentally friendly - this is what the bamboo floors offer; how can you resist?
To find the best deal for you make sure to check on line as well as real stores. There are many sites and choices available to match every house and budget.

by R. Buenaventura

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arranging the Bedroom Wardrobe - Tips and Suggestions

Besides having a wall of cupboards across the length of the bedroom, take a leaf from the top designers; go for an all-white look. Even when they go right up to the ceiling and stretch from end to end in a room, closets clad in white laminate will blend into the white walls for an airy, open look.
The bigger picture is not that they will look ‘heavy’ but that they will look boring and unimaginative. If you plan to have more than four closet panels, add some variety by breaking them up. Split one panel of the closet into two sections to create a niche or shelf space.
One example is to divide the wardrobe into two sections with a long compartment shelf that runs the length of the wall. The compartment space is ideal for displaying the owner’s paintings, books and for holding everyday paraphernalia.
However, this design works only if your clothes consist of shirts, pants, t-shirts, jeans and other items that can be folded. If you need a full-height wardrobe, this will not be suitable as the design will look half-hearted and chopped up.
If full-length storage is essential, you can position two closets at either end of the room, so that the effect will be more symmetrical and balanced.
Another idea is to set the wardrobe in the middle of the bedroom. That way, you’d be able to construct space on both sides to allow you to gain access from both sides. One advantage of this design is that you can change behind the wardrobes without being seen from the front. Highlighted with lighting panels both outside and inside, the wardrobe makes an interesting visual anchor in the bedroom-, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

by Lester Fong

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Area Rugs

Area rugs can play an important role in changing an entire room. An area rug placed on a diagonal in a room can give the illusion of spaciosness. In a large room grouping furniture around an area rug helps "ground" your furniture, and define a specific space. Place an area rug under your dining room table to add warmth to your space, but be sure to place a large enough rug so your chairs slide in and out on the rug without going off. About two additional feet on all sides should be sufficient. Another interesting idea is using a smaller area rug in your bathroom instead of bath mats. This can add continuity and interest to a large or small space. These days area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials.

All weather rugs can be brought inside for homes that have multiple children and or animals. Simply take them outside and hose off to clean, allow to dry, and return inside. For a more durable rug choose a hand-tufted wool rug. These rugs hold up to high traffic well and you can spot clean with your favorite rug cleaner when nessassary and have it professionaly cleaned once or twice a year. Wheather you want a dramitic change to your space, or a subtle added warmth, and area rug can help get you started in the right direction.